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Repairing windows is not an easy task unless you are a professional. But there are some simple repair techniques that can help you get the best results with the window repair. There are several things that you need to analyze before proceeding. Thus, this article can help you with home window glass repair to ease your task.


If You Are Repairing Casement Windows

Sash remains attached with the frame of the casement windows. Thus, you can open it with a crack. However, it becomes difficult to do the task, so you must clean them properly. After that, lubricate the gears and other metal parts. Then, replace broken parts. Moreover, if the condition is really bad, you must hire a professional glass repair in Ottawa.


Tips to Repair Sliding Windows

Firstly, most sliding windows contain more than one sash. These sashes slide across the metal tracks, fixed at the top and bottom of the window frame. Sometimes, these tracks cause problems in opening and closing the window pane. Thus, you must take care of it on time. For that, follow the below tips for window and glass repair in Ottawa.

glass repair

Cleaning the Track

First, you need to start with removing the dust particles from the track. For this, you need a stiff brush and steel wool. This will also help in removing imperfections. However, you can also use a vacuum cleaner with a small nozzle for quick cleaning. It is helpful in easing the task of glass repair.

Removing the Sash

After that, you must remove the sash by using a screwdriver. Make sure to remove other devices and locks. After that, keep them in a safe and clean place to reinstall them.


Align the Track Properly

Thirdly, you must properly angle the bottom edge of the sash outwards. This step is essential to free the slide from the track. Also, if your track is bending outwards, use a wooden mallet and hit the top part of the screwdriver. However, make sure that you are not cutting the track while doing glass window repair.


Repair the Glider

However, if you find any problem regarding the glider, then you need to remove it. But it is better to opt for a new glider to prevent it from happening regularly. You must take the glider to the nearby hardware store and get the exact size. In this way, you can do glass repair in your Ottawa home properly. But it is better to ask an expert by Window Medics for better assistance and guidance.


Aligning the Glider

After that, you have to put a new glider properly. For this, you have to fasten and tighten them with a screwdriver. Don’t forget to check its weather stripping. Thus, replace them if it is damaged. After that, remove the sash from the frame. For that, Window Medics for glass repair in Ottawa gives better results with less risk.


Seal the cracks with a caulk

One of the important things that you can do is caulking. Notice if there are any cracks around the window borders. Then, properly seal them. This will help your window to last long and give extra protection. But remember to be careful while doing glass repair.

glass repair

Paint the windows from time to time

Yes, paint acts as a protection to your windows and lessen the need for glass repair. So, if your paint is starting to peel off, then you need to act for that. If you have a wooden window panel, make sure to coat it properly for glass repair.


Don’t ignore window glass cracks

Furthermore, you must not ignore little cracks in your window glass. These cracks enter the cold wind surge up your electric bills. Therefore, it is better to get a professional to do the job. Also, working with an expert team like Window Medics will give you the satisfaction that they complete the job the right way.

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When do you need a replacement for your window glass?

You can easily repair window glass, but you need to replace them at some point. Otherwise, it can be harmful. Damaged window glass is hard to open leaks air. That’s why it simultaneously increased your electricity bills. Therefore, you will need professional windows and glass repair.

Thus, an expert will analyze every situation properly and give you the best suggestion. Also, if you don’t feel confident enough, then hiring professional glass repair in Ottawa is the best option.


Tips for Maintaining Window Glass

To ensure that the repair lasts long, you must take care of the windows. Hence, these are the following tips for glass repair.

  • Remove the dirt from the tracks and window panes regularly.
  • Mix water and vinegar equally to clean the glass window.
  • Thirdly, you must use different rags for outside and inside. This will help in preventing pollutants from entering.
  • If you choose window glass for your home, then triple or double window panes are better.

In a nutshell, glass repair on your own is not a hard task. However, it is suggested to avail the services of a professional. Choose Window Medics for window glass repair in Ottawa, so everything goes well. Get in touch with a Window Medics expert at 613-519-1317. You can also send an email at ottawa@windowmedics.com

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