Glass Door Repair Can Help You Save Money and Reduce Your Stress Levels

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Home Glass Door Repair Can Help You Save Money and Reduce Your Stress Levels

Most homes in Ottawa are equipped with double-pane glass doors. The door is usually at the main entrance or leading to the garden or patio. These doors come with a lifespan and as a homeowner, you should be prepared for the doors to turn foggy. Once that happens, you may end up spending a lot of money to replace foggy doors. However, if you choose a glass door repair service, you do not have to worry about replacing the affected door.


Why Do Glass Doors Get Cloudy?

Double-pane doors have air between the two sheets of glass. When the doors are exposed to sunlight, the air between the glass heats and expands. This expanded air exerts pressure on the glass and to ensure that the glass does not get damaged, a little bit of the expanded air is released into the surroundings.


When the door cools, usually in the evening, the air between the glass sheets cools and contracts. This once again creates unequal pressure and to compensate for that, air from the surroundings enters through semi-permanent seals, and the pressure balance is restored. This process is known as solar pumping.


The air entering from the atmosphere has moisture, which is absorbed by a silica desiccant present between the two sheets of glass. Once the desiccant gets saturated, it can no longer absorb the moisture. As a result, the moisture condenses and the glass turns foggy or cloudy. You will not be able to get rid of the cloudiness even if you wipe the glass. That is because the condensation occurs between the two sheets of glass.


Window Medics can help you with this problem. It uses a patented technique and specialized equipment to carry out foggy glass door repair and restoration.


Why Repair Foggy Glass Doors?

The cost of repairing a foggy glass door is 50% to 70% cheaper than replacing the door. Not only that, the repair technique used by Window Medics restores the thermal insulating property of the door. It will also enhance the life of the door by up to 20 years. Hence, you do not have to get stressed about replacing the door for the next few years.


Considering that this method of repairing foggy glass doors is cost-effective, most homeowners opt for it. It helps them save money while restoring the integrity and functioning of the door.



When you see that your glass door has turned foggy, do not get stressed. Instead, call the experts at Window Medics. They will visit your home to inspect the door and if it does not have any major issues, they will provide you with a cost-effective and result-oriented glass door repair. Once the repair and restoration are complete, you will notice the difference.

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