Common Window Problems That Can Be Easily Fixed

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When a window problem arises, most homeowners want to fix the issue quickly. The majority of window issues can be fixed by identifying the root cause and getting the window repaired or its glass replaced. According to window repair experts, one of the best ways to save on windows is by repairing rather than replacing old, faulty, or drafty windows. So, homeowners don’t have to pay a big amount every time they see a broken or foggy window. All they need is to get professional help for glass window repair.


This article sheds light on common window problems that can be easily fixed.


  1. Faulty window (a window that doesn’t stay open or fails to open)

If a window won’t open or stay open, it might need adjusting or replacing existing hardware. For instance, when hung windows that open up and down don’t function properly, their sash support system should first be examined. In most hung windows, the sash support system is located on sides and might be hidden by a cover. Thus, if a hung window fails to open or doesn’t stay open, one should check if the support system is causing the window to fall or stick. On the other hand, in casement windows that crank open with a handle, one might need to replace the window operator only.


  1. Drafty Window (a window that allows heated or cooled air to escape)

Seasonal changes may sometimes cause tiny gaps in window frames. To avoid letting heated or cooled air escape from the home, replacing weatherstripping is a good solution to seal those gaps. Weatherstripping refers to a strip of certain material that helps cover the joints of a door, window, and casing to seal the air leaks. It comes in various shapes and forms. So, one must examine closely when looking at weatherstripping options.


  1. Foggy Window (a window with poor visibility due to condensation)

If windows become foggy during extreme temperature conditions, it means either the insulated seal or the insulated glass is broken. In some circumstances, there might be both issues. In such cases, getting professional help for glass window repair is the best solution. A window repair professional will examine the foggy window closely to identify the true cause and then fix it accordingly.


  1. Broken locks or latches

Broken window locks and latches are a great problem for security and safety reasons. Like other window hardware, window locks and latches can be bought and replaced easily. Among all window problems, this is probably the easiest issue to resolve.


Each window problem has a different set of solutions based on the nature of the problem. If it is difficult for a homeowner to identify the window problem, it always best to call a window restoration company.

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