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Most often, homeowners in Ottawa put off their plans for window repair. That’s the number one reason why they end up spending thousands of dollars on replacing their home windows within a short span. Did you know that you can save big if you can simply identify the signs that point toward the need for window repair? Yes, and you don’t need to be a wizard to realize when it’s time to call the window repair experts from Window Medics in Ottawa.


Here is the list of most crucial signs that directly or indirectly tell you that your windows need immediate repair.


  1. Minor cracks in the glass
  2. Broken glass
  3. Caulking failure
  4. Ineffective weather stripping
  5. Broken hinges and latches
  6. A sudden increase in energy bills
  7. Fog or condensation between two or three panes
  8. Too much noise coming from outside


Now, let’s take a look at these signs and their solutions in brief.


  1. Minor cracks in the glass

If the glass installed in your window has got only minor cracks, you can prevent further damage for some time. In most cases, minor cracks in the glass of a window develop due to a variety of factors, such as stress, temperature changes, pressure differentials, and less powerful impact caused by an object.



To prevent these cracks from getting bigger, you can try the following tips:

  • Apply epoxy and adhesive to the crack and spiff up the surface with a glass cleaner
  • Try using masking tape to both sides of the cracks on the glass
  • Apply superglue to the cracks after cleaning the glass surface with acetone
  • Get the help of a professional for window repair in Ottawa to seek a cost-effective and long-lasting solution.


  1. Broken glass

Window glass can break due to many reasons, such as a sharp object or ball hitting the glass, tree branches and limbs ricocheting off the glass during a hurricane, etc. In such cases, glass either sustains major cracks or breaks down badly.



  • While you can put a plastic film or use bubble wrap to maintain the insulation, it’s only a temporary solution that won’t hold for long.
  • The best solution to restore your window glass is to hire window glass replacement services in Ottawa.


  1. Caulking Failure

As your window ages, it’s common for the caulk to eventually fail and fall off over time. However, sometimes, it is also caused due to negligence during caulking application. When caulking is done, the caulk is usually wet wiped to get rid of the excess part and achieve a finished look. If too much of the caulk is removed during the wiping process, it results in a very thin layer of caulk that will readily crack or split.



While you might try DIY caulking, it is best not to do it yourself because an improper application is not going to solve the issue for a long time. So, get professional help to caulk around the windows. Our professionals inspect windows, inform you of any issues that yours window have and also tell you if you need further window repair.


  1. Ineffective weather stripping

If cold or hot air is sneaking in, it can be due to failed weather stripping (or improper caulking). If the weather-stripping isn’t done efficiently or it has worn out due to age, friction, or exposure, you might also experience a sudden increase in energy bills.



Get professional help to replace your old weather stripping with:

  • Adhesive-style weather stripping
  • Nail-in weather stripping


  1. Broken hinges and latches

Hardware problems often arise due to improper installation, corrosion, or aging.



Replace the old, worn-out hinges and latches with new ones that are robust, durable and are of high quality.


  1. A sudden increase in energy bills

When your windows have spaces, cracked glass, or any other issue that causes air to escape, it means that your heating and cooling appliances have to work hard to compensate for the change in temperature caused by air leakage. So, if your electricity bill is unusually high, you should get your windows inspected instantly for energy efficiency and contact our professionals for window repair in Ottawa.



  • Glass replacement if your window has broken glass
  • Replacing weather stripping and caulking if these sealants have failed, leading to air leakage
  • Installing solar window film that helps reject significant heat from the window
  • Seal any gaps in the window, if any



  1. Fog or condensation between two or three panes

If you see fogging or condensed droplets in between the two or three panes of your windows, it can severely impede your ability to see clearly outside. It not only deprives you of enjoying the rising and setting sun but also acts as a hindrance to your security due to reduced visibility. Besides, it also impacts the insulating property of your windows.



Call Window Medics for foggy window repair in Ottawa to restore the visibility and thermal efficiency of your windows.


  1. Too much noise coming from outside

If too much noise comes through your windows, you can get the help of professionals to solve this problem as well. Though noise cannot be eliminated 100 percent, soundproofing your windows will help reduce the intensity of noise based on what solution is used.



  • Hang sound-dampening curtains
  • Use double-cell shades
  • Install window inserts
  • Replace the cracked or broken glass with new, high-quality glass
  • Seal gaps through acoustic caulking


Other signs that also indicate that you need window repair are as follows:

  • Air leakage between the panes and the window frame
  • Bugs coming from outside through the windows
  • Difficulty opening and closing windows
  • Water leakage after rain
  • Water damage marks
  • Feeling drafts of hot and cold air


If you notice any of these signs, please get in touch with Window Medics for top-notch window repair in Ottawa.

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