5 Expert Home Window Repair Tips for Homeowners

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Home 5 Expert Home Window Repair Tips for Homeowners

The first stage in window glass repair Ottawa at home is to decide what kind of repair you’ll need. Restoring something without replacing it is the process of repairing. While hiring specialists is almost always the best course of action for window repairs, homeowners should also have a few ideas and trick up their sleeves in an emergency.

Although windows come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, the procedures for fixing them are all the same. On the other side, installing modern windows might be challenging. Window repair includes changing corner joints, replacing screens on wooden or metal frames, adjusting window panes, restoring window sills, adjusting sliding windows, and more.

It is difficult for novice repairs. Therefore, you will need help from people who have the necessary skills. While some people are adept at doing things themselves, replacing windows at home can be difficult. Unfortunately, issues arise frequently while repairing windows at home.

Best advice for homeowners on glass repair Ottawa

Know when to call for professional help

Broken windows and windows that won’t open or close are two examples of fixes that call for only the most elementary skills. We can deal with this issue on our own. However, you should engage a professional if the damage is too severe to repair.

Understanding the principles of window repair is essential if you want to take in the view outside and let some fresh air in. Additionally, a functional window may deter burglars from entering your house. The best course of action would be to determine whether each order truly qualifies for a repair or exchange.

Completely wooden windows

If properly maintained, wood windows can last 100 years or longer; however, they can quickly decay if neglected. However, even after years of disregard, the damage is typically superficial, giving the impression that it is worse than it is.

No evidence exists that the window will need to be replaced. Wood that is rotting can be repaired with penetrating liquid epoxy. Epoxy putty can also be colored and used to fix holes in sills and windows. Unfortunately, it sands down quickly as well.

Wood windows are vulnerable to air leaks because stops and sashes deteriorate over time. Popular spring bronze weatherstripping has a V-shaped cross-section. The flexible shape allows for sash movement while applying consistent pressure to the window sash and permanently filling any gaps. There are two other types of weatherstripping: adhesive foam and tubular vinyl.

In older double-hung wood windows, counterweights are employed to assist in raising the sashes. The main problem is that the weights and pulleys require a sizable hollow in the wall that isn’t insulated, but these can be addressed. This vacuum results in the loss of heat. Expanded foam can be inserted into the hole using brand-new replacement lifting mechanisms connected to the sash.

Windows built of materials other than wood

Windows made of vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum will last for at least 20 years. However, the gaskets that keep their sashes closed don’t last as long. After removing the sash, you can patch up small cracks and voids by applying silicone sealant to the affected area. Replacement gaskets are available from the window manufacturer or a specialized supplier.

Caulk any holes or cracks in vinyl or aluminum-clad windows to stop water damage to the wood core. After tightening the screws at the corners of the slack aluminum sashes, apply a dry-locking compound specifically made for screws to the threads.

Challenges with Glass

Most wood windows have ” glazed ” glass, secured with putty and held by tiny metal pins. The putty needs to be replaced even if the glass seems to be in fine shape. Although it takes some practice, glazing is quite worthwhile. The broken single-pane glass needs to be replaced. To remove the old glass from a vinyl window, it is imperative first to remove the vinyl and stop using a putty knife.

Remove the rubber gasket and metal strip to release the glass. On a vinyl window, a silicone bead seals the glass; on a metal window, a clean rubber gasket is used instead. A glass fabricator, which can be discovered in the Yellow Pages or online, should reseal or repair double-pane windows that are damaged or fogged.

Many broken windows can be mended, even though not all can, especially if the break is small. However, the likelihood of repairing the cracked window glass decreases as a crack grows. It is therefore advisable to frequently check your windows for little dings and damages so that you may take care of them as soon as possible.

Call glass repair Ottawa professionals early for damage diagnosis

To repair cracked window glass, one must first analyze the extent of the damage and try to pinpoint the source of it. The last thing you want to happen after fixing the window glass is to require another repair quickly. You should also consider the crack’s source if you can identify it.

One should also consider the length and shape of the crack. Does this glass tend to break easily? Perhaps a different glass would be more appropriate for that house area. If not, you should be able to salvage the broken window glass and stay away from dealing with it again.


While the information above can be beneficial in an emergency, relying on professionals who offer glass repair Ottawa services is recommended. For instance, Window Medics is renowned for providing top-notch residential and commercial glass repair and restoration services. However, it implies that you should assess the extent of the harm and consult with professionals first. The experts from Window Medics will then come to your house and repair the glass damage to the best of their ability. Get in touch with a Window Medics expert at 613-519-1317. You can also send an email at ottawa@windowmedics.com.


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