3 Things to Know Before Choosing Between Complete Window Replacement and Window Glass Replacement

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Home 3 Things to Know Before Choosing Between Complete Window Replacement and Window Glass Replacement

When planning to renovate, remodel, or perform a seasonal check, homeowners should focus on their windows. They form an important part when it comes to preparing a home for extreme winters that Ottawa experiences every year. It’s common for homeowners to replace their windows when they find them damaged or energy inefficient. Thankfully, window replacement is not the only option for Ottawa folks.


If the glass of a window is not intact or doesn’t perform well in terms of insulation, residential window glass replacement is a much better option than the entire window replacement. Most of the time, one can enhance the lifespan, efficiency, and appearance of their windows by simply having window glass repaired or replaced.


In this post, three important factors are discussed that must be taken into account before choosing between complete window replacement and window glass replacement.


  1. The Extent of Damage/Wear in Windows

Homeowners should have a closer look at their windows to figure out how bad the damage or wear is. There might be cracks, broken glass, rot, or split muntins (bars made of metal or wood that support the glass panes). Many homeowners may even notice damaged trim or evidence of water damage near their windows. Sometimes, the condition of windows is very good but they become difficult to open or close over time. If any of these issues found, windows can be repaired by professionals.


  1. The History of Property

Homeowners should check if they have inherited homes from their ancestors. If yes, they must verify whether the home is designated as a heritage property or a part of a heritage community under the Ontario Heritage Act. If a home falls under the heritage category, homeowners will first need to get special approval from authorities to change or repair their windows.


Although there aren’t a lot of heritage homes in the Ottawa area, having a heritage home can limit the options of residential window replacement. Even if a home is not a heritage property, it still has a history. If windows are of high quality and durable, they don’t have to be replaced. Homeowners just need to call an expert in residential window glass replacement.


  1. The Energy-Efficiency of Windows

Windows play a vital role in making a home energy-efficient. Ordinary drafty windows allow the cool air to come inside and let the heat escape from a home during winter. Similarly, during summer, such windows allow the warm air to come inside and let the cool air escape. As a result, most homeowners in Ottawa spend a significant amount of money on heating and cooling their homes.


Besides, as windows age, their energy rating also decreases naturally. This could be the perfect opportunity to benefit from replacing window glass only and regain the energy efficiency of windows.


Lastly, a homeowner should think about cost savings in both the short and long term. Residential window replacement in Ottawa typically costs higher than residential window glass replacement or repair. It is highly recommended that homeowners get in touch with experts to discuss the best options for their windows.

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