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Cloudy windows not only prevent you from enjoying the views outside but also obstruct natural light from making the interior of your home bright and cheerful. These windows mar the aesthetics of your home and this could undermine the resale value. So, if you notice that windows in your home look cloudy, forget about replacing them. Instead, choose cloudy windows repair.


How Do Windows Turn Cloudy?

Double- and triple-pane windows have air between the two glass panes. When these windows are exposed to sunlight, the air trapped between the panes heats up and expands. This exerts pressure on the panes and to reduce the pressure, small amounts of air are released into the atmosphere.


When the windows cool, usually in the evenings, the air between the glass panes also cools. This creates space between the panes and air from the surroundings rushes in through semi-permanent seals to occupy the space.


The air that enters has moisture, and it is absorbed by the silica desiccant present on the space bar. Over time, the desiccant gets saturated and cannot absorb any more moisture. When this happens, the moisture has no escape. Instead, it condenses, resulting in cloudy windows.


All thermal windows, also known as IGUs, come with a lifespan, and that is usually determined by the quality of the desiccant. The higher the desiccant quality, the longer the window will last, provided it does not have any other issues, such as cracked glass panes or broken hinges.


Repair or Replace?

If you have cloudy windows, you may want to replace them. But, hearing the cost of replacement may prevent you from doing so. That is why it is advisable to opt for cloudy windows repair. It will cost a fraction of what you would pay for the replacement. Homeowners can look to save 50% to 70% of the replacement cost. But that is not all; choosing the right repair service will also enhance the life of the affected windows by up to 20 years and restore the thermal insulating properties of the windows.


The repair can restore your thermal windows to their former glory, and considering the cost-effectiveness of the repair, it makes sense to choose it over replacement. You will once again have clear windows that enable you to see outside without a problem, and sunlight will be able to enter your home and naturally illuminate the interior. You can get this and more for an affordable price.


The Bottom Line

When you notice that the windows in your home are getting cloudy, get in touch with the experts at Window Medics. The company uses a patented cloudy windows repair technique that enables the experts to repair and restore the affected windows quickly, efficiently, and effectively at a cost-effective price.


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