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Need Glass? Let Window Medics Come To The Rescue While Saving You Up to 50%!

At Window Medics our glass replacement service is ready to swing into action whenever you need us. Over the past ten years we have replaced many broken glass panes and we have the expertise to deal with every single type of glass, residential or commercial, however big it may be.

Our Double Pane Glass selection enables us to replace your cracked or broken glass whatever the window. It consists of two panes of low emission glass separated by a 0.5 to 1 inch void which is then filled with air, argon or krypton gas. This will ensure perfect insulation, minimizing the transfer of temperatures between the two panes and restricting air flow.

The result, of course, is that the temperature inside your property is maintained at a constant level. You minimize heat loss in winter and ensure that you do not get overheated in summer.

This also means that your energy bills will be considerably reduced since you will not be using nearly as much electricity either to heat or cool your home. In fact, when you have Window Medics replace your broken glass you can reduce your energy costs by anything between 30% and 50%. We have a number of different options available that can give you up to ten times the insulation properties of ordinary glass.

Of course, it goes without saying that reducing your energy consumption is environmentally friendly as well; you benefit and so does the environment.

Another great advantage of our glass replacement service is that the outside noise is considerably reduced. If you live or work in an area of high traffic constantly going past, near a railway station, or even an airport, you will find that the noise problem becomes a thing of the past. The glass that we use in all of our replacement services is also easy to clean.

If you have a broken glass, let our team of reliable, friendly technicians come out and fix it for you.

We can also supply Single Pane Glass and Triple Pane Glass. Single pane glass can be made of clear glass, tinted glass, tempered glass and even self-cleaning glass.

Triple Pane Glass give up to three layers of Low-E thermal protection and can be up to 83% more energy efficient than single pane glass. They will also block 95% of UV rays and, of course, the sound-proofing is even better than dual pane glass.

In addition, Window Medics supplies shower glass and bathtub enclosures. We will measure up, design, supply and install a shower glass enclosure that will add beauty to your bathroom. We use tempered glass that is resistant to scratching and staining that can easily affect ordinary shower glass enclosures so that your bathroom fittings will remain beautiful for a lifetime.

Shower Glass Enclosures can be framed or frameless according to your taste. We have a wide range of frame options from which you can choose. In addition to clear glass your options include satin deco, ultra-white, and tinted in various shades to match your bathroom.

We also supply Bathtub Enclosures in a range of different design and glass options.

Our Testimonials

“They were quick with getting an estimator, a quote and the job done.”

~ Angelee Conner

“Installation was quick and clean. The installer was courteous and explained what he was doing.”

~ Gloria Ayers

“A very nice gentleman, considerate of the broken glass and disposing of the plastic tarp I had put down. I am amazed that he was able to open the bathroom and untility window as I could not. Great job and thanks so much.”

~ Barbara Griffin

“They arrived a little earlier than anticipated and got to work immediately in a very efficient manner. They completed the job sooner than I expected and left the windows sparkling clean. Both workers were polite and professional. I highly recommend Window Medics to anyone who needs to have their glass replaced.”

~ Pat Arntzen

“Went out of their way to do my job in Wakefield. After my local glass company wouldn’t come out to replace one glass. Work done professionally and on schedule.”

~ Joe Elwood

“The best darn window company. Fast turnaround. Very nice installers. The owner was so nice to work with.”

~ John Orr

“Theo was very knowledgeable about the problem with our sliding glass doors. He was courteous and competent. It didn’t take very long for him to replace the glass panels in the two doors and the job appears to have been very well done. Thanks also to Michael who got back to us when we forgot to get back to him. Because of Michael and Theo we now have sliding glass doors that are a pleasure to look through.”

~ Sherry Shively

“Quick service, fair prices, our installer arrived on time and did a great job. Very happy!”

~ Al Izzo

Whatever your needs in glass, Window Medics is the choice of the discerning customer. Call us today on 613-519-1317. You will be amazed at what we can do!