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No matter what type of windows are installed on your property, you are likely to come across cracked or rotten frames, especially if they were wooden. Cracked window frames let moisture intrusion and allow fogging of the window glass in multiple paned window glass.
Failed window seals are a horror, and a great contributor to the foggy window glass. At Window Medics, we provide window seal repair Vanier that takes care of your window issues and make them work better. We serve all types of properties in Vanier; both residential and commercial properties benefit from our trained technicians.

Window Seal Repair

Do you have damaged window seals? Maybe you don’t necessarily have to replace your whole window yet and can save expenses by only fixing what is posing as a threat to the whole window. Our window seal repair services are suitable for fixing your window seals without changing your window glass.
Fixing or repairing your window seals helps you keep your interiors warm and insulated. One of the reasons why many home or building owners don’t like to avoid broken or damaged seals is because they can make you pay extra energy bills. Whether it is cold air seeping in, or hot air not leaving your walls, you might use artificial energy to keep your interior warmer or colder.

Emergency Service

At Window Medics, we offer fast and immediate assistance regardless of the type of service you are looking for. While some cases might require you to make an advance appointment, for some you may need emergency services. Here, we reach your location as soon as possible.
Window Medics’ technicians are highly trained professionals who are skilled in various window repair operations and with the use of various tools and equipment. Usually, after you have booked your emergency service requirements, we dispatch a team to your location who will reach you as soon as possible. Call us directly at our contact number for any emergency service you require.

Double Pane Window Seal Repair

Double pane window glass gets foggy for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons includes the breakage of seals, which lets the moisture sip in between the glass panes and never leave. Over the years, this moisture starts damaging the silica decants, eventually leading to the foggy window glass.
Being a leading window glass company in the industry, our foggy window repair in Vanier offers a restoration process that includes fixing your window seals, along with cleaning the dirt and moisture from your window glass.
We have a very safe and innovative process of doing the same. From drilling miniature holes to sealing them back, our process is something that not every other company in the industry have done yet. This is why Window Medics’ defogging service is a patented one.


If you have specialty windows installed on your property, whether tempered or laminated, we have both the means and the skills to fix your seals for you.
Seal repair services for specialty glass are not something that you often come across, especially from local window glass dealers. But with our innovative products and tools, we ensure that no matter what kind of glass or window you have, seal repair services are something you’ll never have to look for longer.

Need Window Seal Repair in Vanier?

We have been providing seal repair service since the inspection of our company, and our services are known for their competitive pricing. In Vanier, our services have been immensely popular as more and more property owners understand the need for fixing your window seals to keep their interiors safe and insulated.

Technology We Used For Window Seal Repair

For a long time, we have been one of the top glass repair services in the industry. Not only are we filled with skilled technicians, but also very talented members who have developed technologies to better serve the existing and new customers.
Being an industry leader, we have access to the latest tools and technology and the means to bring them to the customer base at an affordable price.

Same Day Repair Services

We are serving various customers at various hours throughout the day. Yet, with multiple teams of technicians, we aim to take up more appointments to serve you sooner and better. Apart from that, our emergency services already exist if you have immediate requirements for our service.
We offer same-day repair service to a lot of window seal repair projects. However, you need to mention your requirements for the same during your appointment call, as not all projects can be fixed on the same day.

People and Products Our Customers Rely On

One of the strongest aspects of our company is our technicians and customer support team that help our customers get services up to expectations. For more than a decade, we have been serving our customers without fail and expanding our services to the regions that we serve.
Window Medics’ products are of premium quality, and come with the manufacturer’s warranty. Although for the warranty to be valid, our suggestion for you is to hire a professional technician to install or fix using the products. This is because a professional can do right by the process and have minimal risk compared to any amateur DIY process.

Why Choose Us?

Window Medics might be a window glass company among many others, but there are various things that set us apart. For instance, our defogging process is one in a hundred, which is unique and patented, and most important, is developed and successful.
Apart from that, with multiple teams of technicians, we are one of the fastest growing companies with hundreds of locations across the country. We are easily accessible and affordable.