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Are you wondering when the right time to repair your window seal is? If you are unsure when is the right time for window seal repair Gatineau, the first thing you should look for is moisture intrusion, cracked or rotten frame or even slight fog buildup between the panes if you have multi-pane windows. When a window seal fails, it is easy for moist air to seep in between the panes and make the window look foggy. However, as a leading window glass repair service provider, we offer foggy window repair Gatineau as one of our primary services.

Whether you are a residential or commercial property owner, our services are available for everyone. We provide a host of window repair services, along with window installments. We install and repair single-pane glass windows, multi-pane glass windows and specialty windows too.

Window Seal Repair

Our window seal repair Gatineau services are targeted toward people who require their window seal fixed. Instead of replacing the entire window arrangement with a new one and adding to the waste in the landfill, we provide window seal repair solutions so that your house remains dry and warm.

With our window repair services, your house will become energy-efficient, and with our foggy window repair Gatineau services, your multi-pane glass windows will be as good as new. Apart from cold air seeping in, a good, unbroken seal will protect your properties from drafts, rain, dust, pollution, and even bugs.

Emergency Service

If you require immediate assistance for your window seal repair Gatineau, we offer emergency services too. We mostly care for emergency services to ensure your house is safe from outside environmental intrusions. We have highly-trained professionals, and modern gadgets equipped to handle any emergency calls regarding broken window seals in Gatineau.

Once you book an emergency service, we will ensure that a team of professionals will be at your place within 24 hours to repair the window seal. If you have a broken window seal, do not hesitate to contact us at our official contact number(s).

Double Pane Window Seal Repair

When you have multi-pane windows like double or triple panes, the seal breaks, and the space between window panes starts fogging up. The moisture from outside gets trapped inside the paves, and over time it builds to fog up the entire window. Our foggy window repair Gatineau services include a patented process where we drill a small hole into the window glass with specialized machines and let the moisture out to make the window as good as new.


If you have a specialty windows like storm-proof windows, your windows will be made of tempered or laminated glass. Unfortunately, not many companies in the country provide repair services for specialty glass windows. However, we do, as we have special tools that can repair specialty windows in residential or commercial properties. We also deal with window glass of various sizes and shapes, and we provide our services to you; no matter where you are in Gatineau or anywhere else, we will make sure to reach you within no time.

Need Window Seal Repair in Gatineau?

Are you in Gatineau, looking for top-quality window seal repair services at an affordable rate? Well, you would be happy to know that Window Medics has been providing window seal repair services at a competitive price in Gatineau for years. We have trained professionals who would be able to fix your broken or failed window seal in no time.

Technology We Used For Window Seal Repair

Window Medics has been a leading window glass repair service provider for a long time. As an industry leader, we have access to the latest tools and technology that allows us to provide top-notch services to all our new and existing clients. In addition, we update all our equipment regularly to utilize the state-of-art-technology when providing repair services.

Same Day Repair Services

Since we are serving customers daily, it might take us a couple of days to return your appointment call. However, we also have an option where we also offer emergency, same-day repair services. It mostly happens during the winter when people are trying to keep the cold air outside. If you feel you need immediate assistance, you will be required to mention so in your appointment, and our team will reach you within 24 hours.

People and Products Our Customers Rely On

We have been a leading window glass repair company for more than ten years. We have started a small company to bring affordable window repair services to the residents of Canada. We have a customer base filled with various residential and commercial property owners who keep coming back to us because of our impeccable services.

Apart from providing top-notch services, we also make sure that our services are low-cost so that people can afford us without having to empty their bank accounts. Moreover, we use top-quality materials and upgraded machinery that not many companies have access to for the best result.

Why Choose Us?

Even though there are hundreds of well-established and indie window glass repair companies in Canada, people keep coming back to us for our unparalleled services. When you choose us, you have an advantage over other property owners because we work with some of the country’s top manufacturers and tool providers to ensure that we are utilizing top-quality products.

Apart from competitive prices, another one of the reasons Window Medics is on top is because of our patented window defogging process. We use specialized tools to defog your multi-pane window without damaging it. Since our defogging window process is patented and we provide quality service, we can assure you that you will not receive the same quality of services from other companies.