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Window repair and restoration companies in Canada are widespread, but if you are situated in Vanier, and need window repair services, then there is nothing better than Window Medics. A reliable glass repair is something we are all looking for. While some services are great because they offer discounts, others are more concerned about technicians taking care of the job even when the homeowner is absent.

But Window Medics offer window repair in Vanier, where our dedicated technicians take care of your business without creating stress or hassle for you in your day-to-day life. We are also affordable but offer an authentic range of products.

Window Repair

When your window glass is still not fully fallen, you might consider going for window glass repair. And in most cases, that will work. However, sometimes window glass is broken not due to your negligence but due to poor weather conditions. And if the harsh weather condition Vanier has led your window glass to shatter or crack, Window Medics have developed window repair processes for you.

Our window repair services are performed by trained experts with years of experience working on different types of window glass. Our professionals are also licensed and certified experts who are also knowledgeable about safety and precautions.

Emergency Service

We always keep our emergency contact number active to receive calls from across the city. Our 24-hour service business model allows us to attend to your calls and emergency repair requirements without delay.

When you contact us for emergency services, we try to get an idea of the level of emergency you are facing. This allows us to share safety and precautionary tips with you to make you aware and alert of any danger that you may be in. During this, we also dispatch a team to your location to reach and fix your emergency issues.

Double Pane Window Repair

What building today doesn’t have a double pane window glass? They are energy efficient and help you against harsh weather conditions. But they are not the best to maintain. And even when you do, they are prone to getting foggy with time. So, while single pane window glass fogginess goes away when the day ends, double pane window glass fogginess is here to stay unless you force them out.

Our glass restoration process is the best way to clear the moisture between the panes and make it look like the original window glass. How do we do it? We drill holes on the surface of the window glass. And with a cleaning solution, we clean all the dirt and moisture stuck between the panes and ensure the space is dry before sealing it back. We also fix parts of the window that might have led to the early demise of the quality of your glass.

Specialty Glass Repair

We specialize in specialty glass and its repair. Our professional and trained technicians are careful and attentive to every detail while working on specialty glass repair. Window Medics also have a wide range of patterned or specialty glass for your repair, which can be used for soundproofing or protection against harsh weather.

We also provide fire-rated glazing, for which you can contact us beforehand.

Need for Window Repair in Vanier

We are an active bunch of technicians who are always ready to take up and challenge and fix your window glass. Now, you may need us at any time or any time of the night, which is what we offer. Our top priority is that you and your family are safe, followed by our effort to offer uninterrupted and uncompromised services.

For requesting a quote, you can call us and provide us with details. Although your project is complex, we will require more than details to provide you with a quote. We reach your site in such cases and measure our effort to come up with a suitable deal for you.

Same Day Repair Services

In most cases, our competent technicians can repair or restore your window glass in less than 24 hours. We have experience handling many projects that are done within 24 hours. But we have also experience working on projects that cannot be rushed and cannot be fixed in a day.
However, you can always call us to check our availability and ability to fix it in a day. We don’t charge you extra at Window Medics for same-day repair services.

People and Products Our Customers Rely On

Window Medics works best because of our technicians. They are not just motivated to fix your window glass. Some are no less than stunt performers as they reach dangerous parts of your building to fix your window glass requirements.
We source our products from popular and quality manufacturers in the country, ensuring all your glass designs or specialty glass requirements are met when demanded.
Our experts and products make us a brand today with a rapid growth within the industry.

Why Choose Us?

Our window repair services are highly accessible and affordable and have innovative tools to operate your window glass repair. In addition, we have years of experience in glass repair and restoration and know to develop a process that no other industry companies have managed.

Our defogging process is not just a way to save on window glass replacement but also a great way to enjoy uninterrupted window glass vision for the next 20 years. Unless you are doing it wrong and your window glass is foggy, Our process is patented and successful despite many homeowners being wary about investing in the process.

One of the best parts of our services is that with years of experience, we have learned the requirements of our customers.