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Your home’s windows are both structural and aesthetically significant to your home. But owing to their fragility, they are also prone to damage, whether from harsh weather, worn-out components, or a stray baseball. Professional window maintenance specialists from Window Medics will repair your window glass as soon as possible to restore security and energy efficiency.

Dedicated technicians can be hired for window repair in Kanata for your window glass repair needs. We take safety precautions and keep our prices low so that you can afford our services.

 Window Repair

If you have double-paned windows, the presence of moisture in the space between the panes indicates that the seal has been compromised. This typically results in a decrease in energy efficiency as well as visibility. There are movable parts in modern windows, such as casement and awning windows, which make it easy for these types of windows to become broken.

Window Medics can repair window glass that has been broken, damaged, cracked, or otherwise compromised in any other way. Window Medics technicians are trained to handle both small and large projects, regardless of whether your project is residential or commercial. Their services for repairing glass windows are applicable to all varieties of windows, irrespective of the window’s shape, size, or location.

Emergency Service

Kanata can have frigid winters, especially around the month of January, and a damaged window can cause a lot of inconvenience for you and your family. Even if you don’t mind dealing with broken windows, they can be a severe security risk. Do not wait until regular business hours to have your window repaired after an accident or break-in. Window Medics understands this, and that’s why to ensure the safety of your residents, they offer an emergency service to fix broken windows in a matter of hours.

 Double Pane Window Repair

When a double-pane window’s glass is broken or cracked, air can pass through the window more rapidly. The efficiency of your AC or furnace will quickly decline as hot or cold air enters or exits your home, depending on the season. This reduces the effectiveness of your windows as an insulator and barrier against the elements.

If your double-pane window has been broken or damaged in any way, you should not attempt to repair or fix it on your own. Window Medics has a wealth of experience in the field of window repair spanning decades. They provide prompt, accurate, and expertly-designed repair services for glass.

Specialty Glass Repair

Our trained technicians are the ones who perform repairs on specialty window glass. They are aware that working with specialty window glass requires a higher level of attention and care than working with regular window glass.

Our specialized service for repairing window glass is just as committed and reasonably priced as the standard services for the repair of window glass. It makes no difference what kind of shape or details the window glass in your home has. Our specialists have the knowledge and experience to work with a diverse assortment of specialty glasses. In addition, we are capable of handling any design.

Need for Window Repair in Kanata

A broken window, much like any other home repair, is more than just an unfortunate and annoying inconvenience. Get in touch with your neighbourhood Window Medics for emergency services if you have concerns about the short-term safety or protection of your home or place of business.

If you require window repair services in Kanata, Window Medics has you covered. We will consider the type of glass or thickness you’d like in your home or commercial space before we discuss the costs and time needed with you.

In the absence of specific requests, our technicians will install a standard type of glass on your property and bill you accordingly. Our qualified technicians are licensed, ensuring your service is always safe and up to par.

Same Day Repair Services

If you need an emergency window repair in Kanata, call us immediately because we provide same-day services. Window Medics will respond quickly to fix your broken glass, whether it’s a storefront, window, door, sidelight, shower screen, or any other large glass panel.

We guarantee to send out fully stocked vehicles and hire only highly skilled professionals in order to complete your glass repairment as quickly as possible and cause you as minor inconvenience as possible.

People and Products Our Customers Rely On

Window Medics has a team of seasoned technicians who are skilled, certified, and qualified for the services they provide and the tasks they work on. These technicians have extensive industry knowledge. In the event that the glass is damaged while being installed or repaired by our professionals, our licensed technicians will accept full responsibility.

In addition to these, our clients rely on the industry-leading services that we provide, such as the defogging process, window glass repair, training, and maintenance, amongst other things. The defogging process that we have developed here at Window Medics is one of the most in-demand services we offer, and it is also a method that has been granted a patent.

Customers can save money with this service and enjoy window glass that looks brand new at more affordable rates.

 Why Choose Us?

We are competent

Glass is a potentially hazardous product that needs to be handled with expertise, or it would cause you severe harm. If you Window Medics, you can be sure that the professionals you get are highly skilled and perform high-quality work, providing you with peace of mind.

We value customers

Our top concern is our customers. While maintaining uncompromised service quality, we strive to offer reasonable pricing. In addition, we proactively address requests for assistance in emergencies.

We are unique 

Window Medic’s patented defogging method makes us stand out in the industry.