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When it comes to broken window glass, you don’t want to leave it unattended. So, getting your window glass fixed is and should be your priority – ensuring your family’s safety. But DIY-ing window repair is something you should never try. While failure is one of the things you may face with DIY, the worse of them all is safety issues.

Window Repair in Gatineau offers reliable window glass repair services where you can hire dedicated technicians for your window glass repair services. Our services come with safety precautions and affordable prices.

 Window Repair

Sometimes you want clean windows, and sometimes you want no-more-broken windows. But for both, you will need a window repair service that can offer you all the services. Window Medics can fix window glass that is broken, damaged, cracked, etc. Whether your project is residential or commercial, Window Medics technicians are trained for small and large projects.

Apart from repairing your broken and damaged window glass, Window Medics is also an industry leader in offering defogging processes as a service. This process is a repair process that aims to fix the foggy double or triple pane window glass.

 Emergency Service

It is not unknown for Gatineau to face harsh and strong winds or storms late at night or during the day. Similarly, window glass getting broken or damaged is not uncommon either. Sometimes, it is possible to shift to different rooms, or sometimes not because all your window glass is damaged. This could create an emergency situation for you and your family or the people within your commercial premise.

But with Window Medics’ emergency service, you can expect your window glass fixed within no time and clean your premise to make residents safe.

Double Pane Window Repair

Does your residential or commercial place have double pane window glass? There are certain problems with double pane window glass that are restricted to it or more than one-paned (single pane) window glass alone. The foggy glass window is the issue many dual panes windows face throughout the year.

The defogging process offered by Window Medics gets rid of the moisture within the window glass. This repairing process aims to fix the foggy double or triple pane window glass.

Specialty Glass Repair

We do all kinds of window glass repairs at Window Medics, including specialty window repair in Gatineau. Our specialty window glass repair is offered by trained technicians who know that working with specialty window glass requires more attention and care than the usual ones.

Our specialty window glass repair service is as dedicated and affordable as other usual services for window glass repair. It doesn’t matter what shape or what details your window glass has. Our experts have expertise and experience working with a wide range of specialty glass. And no design is too much of a challenge for us yet.

Need for Window Repair in Gatineau

Are you looking for window repair in Gatineau? Whether it is daytime or in the middle of the night, our window glass repair services offer uninterrupted and uncompromised services every time. Before we talk about the prices and time required with you, we will consider the type of glass or the thickness of glass you’d like in your home or commercial place.

If you don’t have any preferences, our technicians will choose a default choice of glass on your property and charge you accordingly. Our expert technicians are licensed, ensuring that the service you get is safe and up to the mark at all times.

 Same Day Repair Services

We offer same-day repair services in Gatineau, so if you have emergency requirements, you can dial us immediately and get your window glass repaired within the same day. We are available throughout the day, and so are our services. Same-day repair services are suitable for situations where there is a risk of danger.

People and Products Our Customers Rely On

Window Medics have a group of experienced technicians who are skilled, certified and qualified for the services they offer and the tasks they work on. Our experts also have licensed technicians who take responsibility if the glass is broken during installation or repair.

Apart from these, our customers also rely on the industry-leading services we offer, like, defogging process, window glass repair, training, maintenance, etc. Among them all, our defogging process is quite a popular service developed uniquely at Window Medics and is also a patented process. This service helps customers save money and enjoy new-like window glass at affordable rates.

Why Choose Us?

We are competent

Be it the night or the day; our competent technicians will always do the job up to the code. From measurements to finishing the repairing process, we ensure the whole process is smooth.

We are unique

Window Medics is not your usual window glass repair service, from the patented defogging process to our rapid growth.

We value customers

Customers are our prime priority. We strive to offer affordable pricing but with uncompromised service quality. At the same time, we also respond to emergency requests proactively.