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Glass Replacement in Stittsville

Whether you have cracked glass or foggy insulated glass, sometimes they are beyond repair or restoration. And at Window Medics, we recommend glass replacement in such cases. Our glass replacement in Stittsville is an affordable solution for any damage to your window glass.
Our replacement services are widely accessible in all of Stittsville and competitively affordable. We also provide insured glazing solutions by licensed window glass technicians. We source our window or door glass from top manufacturers specializing in residential and commercial glass.

Glass Replacement

Often homeowners are confused between replacing their window glass and replacing the whole window. But in most cases, only glass replacement is required when you see visible damage with window glass.
But let’s understand when you can only make do with a glass replacement. For example, if your glass is broken due to an accident, then you only need to replace your glass. Although it is a different case if your whole window is damaged from the start, and you were avoiding appropriate treatment.
If you have foggy glass, glass replacement might be a viable solution, depending on the reason behind fogging. Glass replacement is also your solution if upgrading your glass quality from simple to insulated glass.

Emergency Service

We have service locations in various parts of the country, making it easier for us to reach your location without delay when you request emergency service. That being said, we try to gauge your level of emergency through the phone call and ensure your safety until we are in your location.
This could include guiding you on how to stay safe from broken glass that poses a risk. Our glass replacement process involves safety precautions and cleaning before and after working on your glass replacement.

Double Pane Glass Replacement

Insulated glass is a common type of glass found in most residential and commercial properties today. But that hardly means there are no properties with old-style single glass panes.
If you are upgrading your home or property and looking to replace your window glass, then Window Medics can help you with appropriate insulated glass solutions.
Our glass replacement solutions are also appropriate even when your foggy window glass cannot be benefited from the defogging process.

Specialty Glass Replacement

Special glass requirements are not uncommon to Window Medics, and we have come to know the requirements of our customers on an expert level. We deal with a range of specialty glass products that are both innovative and modern styled. We deal with insulated glass, patterned glass, fireplace glass, bent glass, and many others.
Our specialty glass solutions are best to avoid harsh weather conditions like extreme cold or extreme heat. We also offer glass replacement products that help with soundproofing. Our technicians are experts in specialty glass replacement and working with specialty glass operations.
We also deal with laminated and bullet-resistant glass.

Need for Glass Replacement in Stittsville

Whether in residential or commercial/industrial properties, the demand for glass replacement in Stittsville is high. Window Medics has met these demands for over a decade, keeping its existing customer base satisfied and bringing in new business.
We have some of the best innovative processes in the glass restoration industry, making solving complicated window glass issues easier without spending much time or effort. Before we dispatch a team to take care of your business, we estimate the raw materials requirements in your location by requesting certain details. But in most cases, we make a visit to your site to understand your requirements on a better level. We will also quote you an estimate after evaluating your site.

Upgraded Technology

Window Medics is a leading window glass restoration company in Canada, working on the R&D of technologies. We have developed a window glass restoration process called defogging process, which is a process to clean the moisture between the glass panes. When the glass panes have moisture between them, your window glass becomes foggy and almost opaque.
Our upgraded technology consistently delivers our services faster than many competitors. Since our process is easier than most, we also make our services affordable.

Same Day Replacement Services

Are there any emergency glass replacement requirements in your home? We hear you. We have a multiple technicians team who are always ready to fix your window glass at a moment’s notice. A competent group of technicians will be dispatched to your location if you want to get stuff done soon.
In most cases, same-day glass replacement is possible. Although, if you are looking to upgrade your window glass of the whole building, your team might require more than a day.

People and Products Our Customers Rely On

Window Medics, with a decade of experience in thermal pane restoration, have technicians that are not just certified and licensed but also highly qualified and experienced. Our technicians are polite and get the job done up to the code.
With a wide range of products, whether you are looking for a specialty glass or an emergency solution, Window Medics is one of the best companies to dial for in Stittsville. In addition, you get a manufacturer warranty on the products, given our licensed technicians are replacing your glass.
H2. Why Choose Us

Window Medics have grown to be a reliable window glass solution company after decades of offering services. Apart from this, our innovative window glass solutions are what make us preferable to most of the customers. With a wide range of service locations across the country, we also make it easier for our customers to access our services sooner than usual.
We are a dedicated bunch of window glass technicians and experts who have successfully restored more than a thousand thermal windows. We like to calculate our successful years in satisfied customers, making homes safe for homeowners, our rapid growth, and more.