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Are you looking for a window glass replacement in Gatineau? Whether it is your broken glass that is beyond repair, or you are looking for a new look for your home, window glass replacement is the best route to follow. Replacing your window glass is not always easy, and we don’t recommend doing it by yourself.
Expert technicians at Window Medics offer you window glass replacement services that are flexible, affordable and swift. You can heavily rely on our services, which are known for the quality. Besides quality services, we also ensure our customers have a safe lifestyle with window glass.

Glass Replacement

Broken glass or foggy window glass – both are a nuisance. Window Medics offer services for both, and services are extended to residential and commercial property. Our glass replacement services are suitable for broken, damaged, cracked, etc. Our technicians have experience working with projects of all kinds and sizes.
Our glass replacement services also include the unique and patented defogging process, which makes the customers save enough expenses and also enjoy the extended service life of the glass. The defogging process is suitable for your foggy double or triple pane windows, as it helps your window be clear again – from moisture.

Emergency Service

Does your place face intense storms? If yes, you might already have an idea of how harsh it can be on your window glass. Sometimes, if you leave your windows open, strong winds might make your window glass shatter and cause a risky situation for you and your family.
In such emergencies, you can call Window Medics emergency services. Our technicians will immediately reach your premises, even when you call in the middle of the night.

Double Pane Glass Replacement

Many properties today have either double or triple pane window glass, which has insulated properties. And this comes with its advantages and disadvantages. For example, with time, double pane window glass gets foggy due to failure of associated parts or just because window glass has reached the end of its service life.
With Window Medics’ defogging services, you can get rid of ugly foggy window glass and also enjoy your window glass as if they are back to its original state.

Specialty Glass Replacement

Have specialty window glass on your property? Don’t worry; we have worked with thoroughly detailed window glass and have managed to do an excellent job with them. No matter how designer your window glass is, our technicians have already done that or will find a way to fix your window glass problem.
We have technicians qualified for specialty glass, and we will dispatch a well-aware and skilled team with a specialty glass replacement service. Our glass replacement in Gatineau is also equipped with suitable materials for your preference and requirements.

Need for Glass Replacement in Gatineau

Glass replacement in Gatineau offers various services based on the requirements of our consumers. Our services are offered wherever you need any, regardless of the time and area you are in.
We will need to know all the details regarding your glass replacement to ensure that you are getting all the materials that are required and preferred for your project. Among the details include measurements like length or thickness for your window glass replacement. We will also consider the risk of replacing your window glass and accordingly quote the prices.

Upgraded Technology

As a leading window glass replacement company in the industry, we use some top-of-the-line and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver top-notch services to our clients. In addition, we update our equipment to the latest technology in the market so that the window glass replacement can be done within less time.

Same Day Replacement Services

There’s no need to panic in case of any window glass-related issues because all you need to do is dial/call us, and we will reach your premise in no time and start working.
Your window glass replacement in Gatineau will be done in a swift and effective manner.

People and Products Our Customers Rely On

Expert and skilled technicians are the heart of Window Medics, who have helped immensely in the company’s rapid growth. Apart from that, our R&D team also works closely with us and has developed one of the most complex processes of defogging to ensure people get it at cheaper rates and, most importantly, one that works.
Many customers have already expressed their satisfaction after successful years of availed service and with the defogging process.

Why Choose Us

We are skilled
Window Medics technicians are skilled and qualified for the job they do. We also have licensed experts who have been trained for window glass replacement.
We are dedicated
Our services prioritize the consumers above all, which is why dedication remains one of the many things we take care of. We always have a team ready for emergency service requests.
We are unique
We have managed to grow rapidly just with our reputation and the patented defogging process. This is a process developed at Window Medics.