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You would find a good number of glass repair Orleans companies but not one that will help you find a solution for all your window glass-related requirements. Window Medics is a leading window glass repair company that has worked with several commercial and residential properties. If your windows have cracks in them, you will experience water leakage, an increase in your utility bills, and damage to your room’s interiors.
When you see a break or crack in your window glass, you should make it your mission to get it repaired immediately. Even though repairing a window glass crack might seem like an easy job to do, you should always hire a professional to do it. A professional glass repair technician has all the necessary tools and experience in repairing window glass. With our tailored repair services, you will get top-notch window repairing, all designed for your specific needs.

Glass Repair

Window Medics has been providing glass repair services for more than a decade. We have a long list of private and commercial clients who can vouch for the quality of our services. We are making glass repair Orleans more accessible for people, irrespective of whether they are residential or commercial property owners, by making our services available at an affordable rate. With our window glass repair services, you can expect to save your glass from further degrading.

Depending on the kind of service you need, we have specialist and general technician teams who would handle your repairing requirements. Then, all you have to do is call our customer representative and book your glass repair appointment, for which you will get a date immediately.

Emergency Service

As a leading glass repair company in Orleans, we have quite a long list of clients that we serve every day. So, when you are booking an appointment with us, you might notice that it could take us a few days to provide you with our services.

While it may not be an issue normally, during winters or peak of summers, it can cause cold or hot air to seep into your room. The leakage of outside air into a room can cause your utility bill to increase. So, in such cases, you can book an emergency service if you are in need of immediate assistance to improve their living conditions. Whether in a commercial or residential property, we will ensure to send out a team within 24 hours from when the appointment is booked.

Double Pane Glass Repair

One of the modern features in today’s commercial or residential building is the double pane windows. While double pane windows can slow down the transfer of outside heat or cold inside, there is also a problem that it may cause. After a few years of age, when the seal of your double pane windows breaks or fails, moisture builds up in between the panes. If you do not remove the moisture, your window will fog up over time. In such cases, you need an expert like Window Medics to defog your window and save your double pane windows. Defogging your window before it completely fogs up can extend its lifetime from 10-12 years to 20 years. Defogging will cost you less than removing your old window and reinstalling a new one.

Specialty Glass Repair

Many commercial or residential properties might use specialty glass like bullet-proof glass, laminated, tempered, or other specialty glass. Even though it may seem like a regular technician can handle the specialty glass, you actually require a specialty glass repair technician. At Window Medics, we have a highly skilled specialty glass repair technician who has the right expertise and tools to repair your specialty glass without any damage to it.

Need of Glass Repair in Orleans?

Are you tired of paying a fortune in Orleans just to get your window glass repaired? Well, guess what, you would not have to worry about it anymore. Window Medics is bringing affordable window glass repair service to your property, whether you own a residential or commercial property in Orleans. From window glass installation to repair to maintenance, we handle it all, which is why we have a rapidly growing customer base in the area, and little competitor to challenge us.

Same Day Repair Services

Having a cracked pane or a shattered window can cause you a lot of trouble if you are in middle of winter or scorching heat of summer. Water could leak in, or cold air from outside can seep in during winters. To ensure that you do not experience such issues, we offer same-day repair services, where technicians will reach you within 24 hours of booking an appointment.

People and Products Our Customers Rely On

One of the many reasons that make it so popular among our clients is because we always deliver on our promises. Our customers rely on our products and our patented window defogging process that can defog their windows without ruining them.
They also trust our technicians because we know what we are doing with our repair services. All our technicians are highly experienced and knowledgeable about the tools they use to handle all the repair requirements. Our customers rely on our products and people because we always try to provide top-notch services at an affordable rate.

Why Choose Us?

1.State-of-the-art technology: At Window Medics, we utilize state-of-the-art technology to achieve our glass repair goals. We upgrade our tools every few months to ensure that we have the best tools in our hands to provide the best repair services in Orleans.

2.Expert technicians: All our technicians have years of experience, and we provide specialized training in how to use and handle our tools for optimum results. We also often train them wherever there is a new gadget in the market to make all our repair services seamless.

3.Patented defogging process: We have a patented window pane defogging process in place, which allows us to defog a window without much intrusion to the glass. Since it is our patented process, you will find no other company that uses the same process to defog your window safely.