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Glass Repair in Kanata

Many signs practically scream that your window glass requires repair. But if you are avoiding them for a time, chances are you might end up paying a lot of energy bills in the house. Cracked window glass damages the overall window, including the casing, and eventually creates fogginess.

Foggy window glass means either damaged or super old, and in both cases, windows will fail to protect you against cold or any other harsh weather conditions. Getting your window glass repaired is very important, and if you are looking for glass repair in Kanata, Window Medics is a suitable solution.

Glass Repair

We offer glass repair services across Kanata to both residential and commercial areas. We have multiple teams of technicians trained to offer our services and fix your window glass issues without any hassle. When you call for our services at the right time, you save your window glass from getting completely damaged. We use various tools and innovative techniques to save your glass from getting damaged. But if it is beyond repair, we will be honest with you.

Emergency Service

Window Medics offers emergency glass repair services where you can request our service at any time of the day. While we often suggest you book a repair service before 24 hours, we have been known to dispatch a team earlier than that.

Depending on the damage or the situation of the window glass, the time required to complete the task will vary. But we assure you that your and your family’s safety will be the top priority.
We offer emergency glass repair services in both residential and commercial properties, ensuring the improvement of living conditions.

Double Pane Glass Repair

It is very common for both residential and commercial properties to have double pane glass windows, mainly in newly built properties. Double pane or multiple pane glass windows are better at protecting the home from the UV lights and also help in noise cancellation.

But there is a downside to the double pane glass. Due to regular expansion and contraction of the air in between the panes, moisture getting trapped is very common. This leads to window glass fogging up. When double pane windows are foggy, they are not going away at the end of the day. You will need a window glass repair service to force and manually clean them out of the window panes. Window Medics use the defogging process to do the same.

All our technician teams are equipped with the skills and knowledge to carry out the defogging process and ensure that your fogginess is gone. Our services also include ensuring your repaired window glass last an extended period of at least 20 years before changing them for new ones.

Specialty Glass Repair

Specialty glass is common in residential and commercial properties, and we can source various types of specialty glass. We also have the appropriate and suitable equipment to repair your specialty glass. However, depending on the damage, we cannot be sure whether we will be able to restore its effectiveness to the fullest.
Whether your specialty glass was installed for soundproof or UV protection, repairs will not fix their efficiency if your window glass is old.

Need of Glass Repair in Kanata?

We are one of the most reputed glass repairs in Kanata. Whether an emergency or specialty glass service, Window Medics has provided satisfactory customer service back-to-back. We are rapidly growing as a business, and Kanata has been one of the regions that contribute highly to it.
Our glass repair services include fixing cracked and defogging foggy window glass. Our services are priced reasonably, making them highly affordable for all customers. Apart from our repair services, we also ensure that the teams we dispatch to your location are competent and polite.

Same Day Repair Services

Window Medics offer same-day repair facilities for shattered or cracked window glass. Depending on the amount of work your property has, our teams can complete all your window glass repairs within the same day. Our same-day repair services mostly include fixing broken window panes or damaged seals.

However, if the window glass that needs repairing is located in places like above the roof, chances are we will require extra support or time to fix the issues. Depending on the same, you might also have to pay extra for services.

People and Products Our Customers Rely On

Window Medics has over a decade of experience offering window glass repair services. We are not just a service provider of glass repair but also a company that offers dealership opportunities.
Over the years, Window Medics have managed to expand our business in various parts of the country. Our organization has some of the most talented professionals on our team who are skilled, enthusiastic, and know our business’s ins and outs.
Thanks to our customers, we are today growing to be one of the top window glass companies in the country, with customers that rely on us and products that are widely accepted. We are working with leading manufacturers for glass materials and various tools for our business.

Why Choose Us?

One of the many reasons why Window Medics is thriving today is the customer care support and customer service that many companies fail to offer to their customers. But we are more than just a regular window glass company. With our R & D department, we have managed to develop one of the most controversial processes in the window glass industry – defogging process.

While various companies are still testing the process, Window Medics has developed it and already providing it as a service. This so far has been helping many customers to restore their window glass to original conditions without spending a fortune on window glass repair.