What Is Preferable: Repair Or Replace Broken Windows Glass?

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Is your window glass cracked? Does it remain foggy all the time or have other problems that need to be resolved? Since your window glass helps regulate the indoor temperature, it’s critical to keep it in good working condition by repairing or replacing it as necessary.


But how do you know whether your window glass needs minor repairs or needs to be replaced entirely? Before seeking window glass replacement or window glass repair in Ottawa, there are a few things that you should know.


What types of glass damage are repairable?


The majority of window glass issues can be rectified effectively. You only need replacement when there is a severe breakage.


The following are some frequent window glass issues that professionals can usually repair:

  • Broken or chipped glass
  • Minor cracks in glass
  • Foggy glass


Repairing the glass is usually faster than having your windows replaced completely. So, if you have cracks in window glass, the last thing you want to do is to wait for the entire window to be replaced. If damage is minor, repairing the glass is usually the best option.


What are the signs that your window glass needs to be replaced?

Is your glass window badly damaged? Unfortunately, window glass repair is not always the solution. If the glass has sustained major cracks or broken completely, then window glass replacement may be required.


Here are some common scenarios that necessitate window glass replacement:

  • Large cracks that have compromised the insulation property of window glass
  • Badly shattered window glass


Repair may still be an option in some situations. However, it’s better to have a professional inspect your window glass and make a servicing recommendation based on its present condition.


Is it cheaper to repair or replace your window glass?

You might be shocked to find that window glass repair costs up to 50% less than window glass replacement. As a result, it’s usually preferable to have the glass fixed rather than dealing with the cost of full glass replacement.

The expense of your repair service is determined by a number of factors, including the extent of the damage, the size of the glass, and the type of glass that is damaged.


Let’s see how to repair window glass damages —

The glass, or pane, is an essential component of the window, and any break or damage raises the security risk while also allowing outside air to enter the house. As a result, ensure that the broken window glass is not disregarded.


How to repair a cracked glass window?

  • To keep the glass unbroken and avoid water seepage, use concealing tape or transparent packaging tape to cover the crack on both sides of the pane. Place the tape so that it stretches beyond the crack and firmly against the glass.
  • Also, use a solvent-based glass adhesive to fill the cracks. The adhesive seeps into the gaps in the glass and seals them shut.


How to replace the window glass?


If the damage is severe or the window glass is completely cracked, replacing the glass is the better option.


Hire a specialist to cut the glass to the size of the frame. Order a double-thick glass that is 1/8 inch shorter in each direction than the measured size. A double-thick glass has the advantage of endurance over a single-thick glass, which fractures easily.


Steps for fixing the window glass:

  • Discard the window shards and clean the frame’s old putty. Brush the frame with a wire brush and a moist towel. Allow it to dry completely before applying a coat of linseed oil to the rabbet to aid in the putty’s adhesion.
  • Seal the glass into the frame with glazing putty. Roll the putty into a 3/4 inch cord and gently apply it to all sides of the frame.
  • Press the glass firmly into the putty bed.
  • Secure the glass in place and polish the finish with a putty knife.


DIY repair or replacement of window glass is time-consuming and hectic and may not offer desired results. So, if you’re considering doing a quick self-repair, you might want to reconsider. Here are some reasons why you should leave window glass repair in the hands of professionals.


  1. Breakage cuts are a pain to deal with


You will be putting yourself and others in danger if you do so. Sharp glass shards and broken glass pieces can cause injury. They are hazardous, and you must get rid of them as soon as possible.


And dealing with shattered glass panes is no easy task. If you do not remove the fractured glass carefully, it will cause further problems.


  1. A permanent solution is better


A specialist can advise you on the best type of glass repair for your needs. You might tape it or use adhesive to fix it temporarily, but it won’t be effective. A glass repair specialist can recommend a repair or replacement based on the practicality of the option after a thorough examination of the crack or breakage in the window glass.


Keep in mind that your windows protect your home, family, and possessions from many different elements. So, in case your window glass breaks, you should get it fixed or replaced as quickly as possible. And instead of fixing the glass yourself, consult a professional window glass repair service. Window medics in Ottawa can handle a wide range of glass repair and replacement projects, right from small homes to commercial buildings.

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