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Are your windows foggy, cracked, leaking, broken, or cold? Are your window glasses not offering proper soundproofing or insulation functions? If your windows fail to do their intended job, you may be looking for ways to fix my Ottawa window. Although homeowners often try to fix their windows using DIY hacks from the Internet, the result is usually unsatisfactory. Windows and doors require professional help and trying to fix them on your own can further damage them.

Moreover, it is essential to fix your windows ASAP as these are responsible for maintaining the temperature and safety of your home. Many reliable window glass repair, restoration, and replacement companies in Ottawa help fix your window without spending hundreds of dollars.

How to Fix your Windows Without Professional Help

If you are interested in how to fix my window, Ottawa DIYs, there are a few that you can try. However, it will be best to seek professional help if you want complete restoration of your windows.

  • You can opt for liquid epoxy to renew the rotted areas if you have rotted wooden windows.
  • If your wooden window trim is cracked, you can put epoxy putty to fill in the cracks and later paint that area.
  • You can use weather stripping (tubular foam or adhesive vinyl) to cover gaps around the window sashes.
  • If your window hardware, like hinges, locks, and latches, is stubborn, you can clean and lubricate them. However, if the issue is still not resolved, it will be best to contact a window glass repair professional. Moreover, window restoration companies like Window Medics Ottawa also have replacement hardware for antique windows to help you maintain your decor aesthetics.

If you have non-wood windows, it will be best to contact your local window specialist, as your DIYs can further damage the structure or functionality of the windows. Moreover, the DIYs will only offer a temporary solution to your window issue. Window glass repair and restoration specialists will be able to fix and extend the lifespan of your window as they have the required skills and experience.

Contact a Window Specialist in Ottawa

If your glass is still in good shape, you can opt for repair and restoration services from a reliable company. Window glass specialists like Window Medics have years of experience and the latest technologies to fix your windows promptly.

Window Medics offers the most professional services, from window glass defogging to glass restoration. Moreover, if your windows are damaged beyond repair, Window Medics can replace them without digging a hole in your pocket. They can replace the following types of windows easily –

  • Double-hung
  • Single Hung
  • Bow
  • Bay
  • Awning
  • Casement
  • Sliders

Whatever your window concerns are, Window Medics can fix them. All of their windows are CSA certified and Energy Star rated. If your window or any part thereof (glass or hardware) is damaged, you can contact Window Medics at 613-519-1317 or write to them at

Repair vs. Replace: How to Fix your Window

When it comes to fixing your windows, choosing between replacement and repair can be a tough call. If you have inexpensive vinyl windows, you can easily get them replaced by your local window specialist. However, if you have custom, double-pane, or triple-pane, you must contact an established window restoration company to fix the issue.

Foggy glass or water leakage

If your glass pane has turned cloudy or if you notice that your windows are leaking a bit more than you can do away with, it’s time to consider glass or window seal replacement. Moreover, if you see foggy streaks of condensation between your triple or double panes, it may be the case of a “blown” window. You can repair your windows in such a case by replacing the sash only.

Drafty Windows

If your window has developed a draft, you will notice pockets of air flowing in and out of your rooms. This not only causes an unsightly look but also increases your energy bills. Moreover, drafty windows deteriorate the security of your home, which makes it essential to fix them quickly.

Drafty windows are usually caused by peeling, caulking, cracking, a loose sash, weather stripping, or rotted wood. However, you can easily repair your window by contacting a trusted window glass repair professional. You can replace the caulk to fix the gaps in the seals and boost the window’s longevity while keeping the prices affordable. Professionals like Window Medics can also deal with issues like weather stripping easily.

Cracked or Broken Windows Panes

Has a baseball hit your new window glass, creating a crack on it? Or has someone tried to break into your house through the window? There can be various reasons for a broken window pane.

If you notice that your glass has got scratched, chipped, or shattered, it’s time to fix your cracked or broken window pane. Broken windows can ruin your home’s insulation, safety, and aesthetics, which makes it important to get fixed instantly. In such cases, the glass has to be replaced, but whether you will replace the full window or not will depend on the window’s condition. If your window is in good condition or relatively new, you can replace the window glass by calling in a window glass repair and replacement expert.

Summing Up

Your windows form one of the most crucial parts of your residential building. Windows perform multiple functions, from keeping the energy bills low to maintaining safety for your property and family. They also provide air and sunlight to enter your home. That being said, it is essential always to maintain the overall health of your windows.

Resorting to fix my window, Ottawa DIYs will only be a temporary fix and will do nothing for your windows in the long run. It will be best to contact an experienced window glass repair and restoration company to fix your window or window glass. Moreover, your specialist will decide whether repair or replacement suits your window concern best.

To speak to a Window Medics expert call 613-519-1317 or email at for queries and appointments.

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